Guilt-Free Ice Cream: The Elvis

Even the King himself would love this guilt-free peanut butter and banana ice cream, and rumor has it he loved butter in all forms:  peanut butter, foods fried in butter, and even peanut butter sandwiches fried in butter (I think my arteries got a little clogged just typing that sentence).


If you haven’t seen a banana ice cream recipe floating around on the internet, then look no further: this will be your newest go-to dessert. When frozen bananas are blended, what results is a substance that remarkably has the look and texture of ice cream without the added saturated fat of regular ice cream. The combination possibilities are endless–chocolate chip, cinnamon, pumpkin–and I always keep peeled bananas stocked in the freezer, ready to be used in smoothies, so whipping up some ice cream requires no prep time!



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