Flourless Black Bean Brownies with Strawberry Sauce

Can there even be a Valentine’s Day without chocolate? I think not.

blackbeanbrownies stacked

I fall victim to this consumer holiday every year, and couldn’t imagine going through Valentine’s Day without eating something incredibly chocolatey. Unfortunately, as I get older, the traditional box of chocolates tends to put me in a sugar stupor and causes my stomach to despise me. So this year I plan to satisfy my chocolate cravings and woo over my husband with a dessert that my body may actually recognize as real food.


Now, I’ve had awful luck with black bean brownies in the past. During my dietetic internship, I attempted to make high-protein black bean brownies for athletes–worst. thing. ever. Brownies should not be mixed with protein powder. They were so bad that it’s taken me six months to even consider making another brownie with black beans. Thankfully for my taste buds, this recipe turned out pretty awesome; and as an added unplanned bonus, the carb to protein ratio is about 4:1, which is an ideal ratio for post-workout recovery. Anyone want a brownie after a long run? I do.



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