Blueberry & Banana Cashew Smoothie

banana cashew smoothieI usually keep my morning smoothies pretty standard by using plain nonfat Greek yogurt and skim milk as my protein base, but breaking the monotony is definitely necessary once in a while! Soy milk and soy yogurt are great dairy alternatives; they pair well with anything dairy normally would, and are great protein options for vegans. Don’t worry about getting the skim soy milk, because unlike dairy milk, soy milk contains all healthy plant fats.


I love a healthy balanced meal, and a combination of plant protein, fruit, and nuts is just that! You really can’t go wrong with a blueberry and banana combo, and since I was feeling a little nutty I added in some cashews (I know…super lame pun). Cashews are high in heart healthy monounsaturated fats, rich in magnesium (works with calcium to keep bones strong), and copper (important for antioxidant defense).




I always have a high calorie breakfast, which is why the smoothie is higher in calories; feel free to split the smoothie with a friend as an afternoon snack, or keep it all to yourself for breakfast or lunch!

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