Carrot Cake Cookies

carrot cake cookies


I bet the Easter bunny gets pretty bored eating bland carrots all the time; if I was the Easter bunny I would prefer my carrots in cookie form–I’m sure you feel the same.


As far as cookies go, these soft carrot cake cookies can be a really good healthy dessert, snack, or even part of your breakfast. Healthy ingredients include: carrots, raisins, whole grain flouroats, flax, and walnuts, which are all nutrient dense foods. The flax and walnuts pack in additional healthy omega-3 fats, which we Americans don’t get nearly enough of. And there’s no need to worry about the little bit of real sugar in this recipe. Remember, sugar in itself is not a deadly poison, despite the reputation it’s been getting; it’s all about moderation! These cookies didn’t need a ton of sugar anyway, because the carrots and raisins added additional sweetness.


So here you go, a healthy cookie packed full of real wholesome ingredients. Oh, and did I mention these are legitimate-sized cookies–no measly one-bite cookies to be found here!






3 Responses to Carrot Cake Cookies

  1. Elizabeth M says:

    You could use coconut oil instead of olive oil for some added nutrition. Very yummy cookies! :-)

    • Ryan Baggett MA, RD says:

      Thanks! I bet coconut oil would be delicious! I actually just got back from buying some coconut oil on sale at my local Sprouts store, only to find your comment waiting–so excellent timing. :-)

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