Breakfast Quinoa: Berry & Walnut



I’m the type of person that wakes up hungry every single day, so there’s no way I could function skipping breakfast.  My extreme morning hunger always has me in search of a good hearty breakfast that will keep me full until lunch. I swore off boxed cereal a long time ago; I really feel like the processing most cereals undergo makes me hungry again within an hour. While oatmeal is a tried and true filling breakfast, quinoa can actually be eaten as a hot morning meal too. Plus, unlike oatmeal, quinoa is a complete protein. Quinoa contains all the essential amino acids our bodies need, which makes it a great vegetarian protein option. When cooked in milk instead of water you get even more protein!


The walnuts and chia seeds contain filling and healthy omega-3 fats. Walnuts also contain more antioxidants than any other nut, and they have the ability to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. You could use any fruit you have on hand in this recipe; I just enjoy the sweetness of blueberries combined with the tartness of raspberries. I felt the plethora of fruit made this meal plenty sweet, but I had to sweeten my husbands portion with a little honey, so I’ll understand if you need to use a little sweetener too.



If you’re pressed on time in the morning, cook up the quinoa the night before and refrigerate. Add a little more milk and reheat in the morning, then mix in your fruit and nuts. 

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