Spicy Cilantro-Lime Lentils & Rice made with Coconut Milk

cilantro lime lentils & rice


I’ve been in a tropical mood the past few weeks, which could be from reminiscing about my Florida vacation, or maybe it’s just the weather changing to Oklahoma hot (which is a separate temperature from regular hot). Either way, it inspired an equator-themed recipe. This hearty dish uses green lentils and brown rice as a base, with loads of flavor coming from the cilantro and lime; you really can’t go wrong with that pairing. I added in some red and jalapeno peppers, sweet potatoes, and creamy coconut milk, and when the flavors combine, the result is an incredibly flavorful meal. Plus, it’s stick-to-your-ribs filling. One of my regular recipe tasters asked why I always make food so filling (which I took as a compliment), but that’s just the miracle of fiber–it’s a dietitians greatest ally for keeping bellies full.


Don’t let the absence of meat steer all the non-vegetarian foodies away from this dish. I believe everyone should incorporate at least a couple vegetarian or vegan meals into their weekly meal plan. I recently watched a TED talk done by Graham Hill about being a weekday vegetarian. He said that if everyone cut their meat intake in half, it would be like half of us were full-time vegetarians–interesting right? Now, I’m not quite a vegetarian Monday-Friday, but I’m getting there. It’s definitely cheaper to buy less meat, and I feel a little better about my carbon footprint!


Probably the best part of this recipe is that the crock pot will cook it for you–no slaving over a hot stove! It’s also a healthy recipe to make on a Sunday afternoon for quick reheat-able leftovers throughout the week.


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