Blueberry Raisin Energy Cookies

blueberry oatmeal raisin cookie


I think we need to revolt against packaged desserts–who’s with me? Those sickly sweet, overly processed desserts have no place in our health-conscious diets anymore. Have you heard that Nabisco just came out with a watermelon-flavored Oreo? I haven’t actually looked at the nutrition label, but I’m betting they have zero watermelon in them. Why would you eat something with a shelf life longer than canned food when you could whip up a batch of my soft blueberry oatmeal raisin cookies? These cookies even have real fruit in them–actual raisins and blueberries.


Your family and coworkers will appreciate a more ‘back to nature’ dessert. Whole grains, fruit, nuts, and just a touch of honey make these cookies a healthier treat option. The dessert revolution starts with you!


**Update 7/17/13:  I feel the need to reiterate these are not your typical super sweet cookies. They are mildly sweet from the fruit and more reminiscent of a Clif bar. Eat them as a healthier lower-calorie carbohydrate snack, or for energy during a long activity!


2 Responses to Blueberry Raisin Energy Cookies

  1. Actionfigure says:

    More to the point, who the heck thought watermelon and Oreo was a good combo???

    • Ryan Baggett MA, RD says:

      Valid point! In their defense, I think they at least used the vanilla cookie outside rather than chocolate, which sounds a tad less gross.

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