Mediterranean Chicken Pita

Mediterranean Chicken Pita 017


I have a new found love for Mediterranean food, which may have something to do with the incredibly delicious Garbanzo’s that opened up down the street from my house. For being fast food, you can put together a pretty healthy meal that still fits into a weight loss plan–just avoid the garlic sauce and skip the rice. With all the running I’ve been doing lately, I even get to eat the whole pita (after all, I need those delicious carbs for recovery). But as someone who tries to only eat out once a week (to save my pocketbook and my waistline), my only option to subdue my regular cravings was to come up with a Mediterranean pita recipe of my own. Now I can eat a tasty and lower-calorie version of my favorite Mediterranean meal whenever I want.


My recipe incorporates the tangy flavors of traditional tzatziki sauce: yogurt, cucumber, and garlic–just without all the fat. The sauce is mixed with chicken, tomatoes, fresh mint, and pickles. The pickles may sound a little strange, but don’t leave them out–they’re the best part of the recipe! It’s all stuffed into chewy pita bread, which is topped with feta cheese, because what great Mediterranean recipe doesn’t have feta.





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  1. […] This is one of the easiest dishes to make and, boy, is it delicious. It’s easy to better this recipe with your own special touches. I use bottled vinagrette and bagged salad to make my pitas. Get the recipe. […]

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