Lightened Up Holiday Eggnog: High In Protein!

holiday eggnog


Don’t you just love real eggnog? It’s rich, creamy, full of holiday spices, and nothing like the stuff that comes in a carton, which is  full of artificial flavors and thickeners. I personally think the carton stuff is way too sweet and has a weird smell. I guess you could call me an eggnog snob, but I do like my eggnog homemade. Unfortunately for anyone who is trying to maintain some semblance of heath through the holiday season, eggnog is a very heavy holiday drink. It’s high in calories, sugar and fat–and that’s before you mix in the alcohol. Lucky for you, I’ve managed to create a healthier holiday beverage with almost half the calories, and no artificial anything.


This recipe came to be one afternoon after an exceptionally strenuous leg workout, as I was trying to rationalize sangria as a recovery drink (I tried, but couldn’t). But ’tis the season, and the carton of eggnog my husband bought sparked an idea; milk and eggs are excellent recovery foods for muscles right? All I needed to do was get a little creative and make a homemade version with real food and I could have my holiday post-workout drink. By using skim milk, egg yolks, dates, spices, vanilla bean, and 1% cottage cheese my recovery eggnog came to life. Of course the alcohol typically added to eggnog isn’t actually going to help you with recovery after a hard-workout, so I’d recommend saving that add-in for later. The eggnog portion alone worked great to satisfy my holiday recovery drink craving–mission accomplished. But if you don’t care about a few extra hours of post-workout recovery, go ahead and add your favorite eggnog mix-in right away (Kahlua is my personal favorite).


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