Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry & Almond Clusters with Sea Salt

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These dark chocolate covered clusters are sweet, salty, crunchy, tart, and covered in dark chocolate–it’s the perfect dessert. Oh, and they are actually good for you! Dried red tart cherries are the perfect anti-inflammatory food, and when paired with antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, and roasted heart-healthy almonds you have a superfood trifecta. No need to justify eating one of these treats after dinner. Plus, they aren’t so sickly sweet that you want to eat ten of them–just the right amount to hit the spot.


The whole process of making these chocolatey clusters of deliciousness is so easy that even the worst baker could make these, because no baking is involved. Simply stir the nuts and cherries together, cover in melted dark chocolate, spoon onto wax paper, and then sprinkle with sea salt. You could be done making these in under 15 minutes. You should probably start making them now .



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  2. Lisa says:

    Just made my “test” batch for Christmas gifts. Can’t wait to try these! In the fridge cooling now. :-)

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