Black Bean and Quinoa Burritos with Spicy Cilantro-Lime Dressing

Black bean and Quinoa Burritos with a Cilantro Lime Dressing

I know it’s July 4th, and a burrito recipe for my #HealthyInUnder30 series doesn’t exactly scream patriotic or festive. But I’m positive there are a plethora of bacon and cheese stuffed burger and quadruple chocolate brownie recipes to be found already. To be different, I thought I’d provide you with a recipe for tomorrow’s post-holiday meal. Plus, I hear quinoa cures hangovers by absorbing excess alcohol (okay I made that up–I would hate to spread more food lies on the internet).


Quinoa really does absorb flavor well–like the spicy cilantro-lime dressing used in this burrito recipe. The quinoa and black bean combo makes a perfect meat replacement filling, which as an added bonus saves time and money. Simply toss in a chopped red pepper and tomatoes, then top with diced avocado and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and you have the perfect flavorful burrito filling fit for any non-hydrogenated, non-white tortilla (always check the label to make sure your whole grain tortilla is really healthy).


You could also omit the tortilla and just eat the filling in a bowl–I added some grilled chicken to the leftovers for a higher protein lunch!


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  1. Toshiko says:

    OMG this looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it! Minus the rice it rednims me of guacamole & minus the rice and avocado its like Pico de Gallo! DELICIOUS things!

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