Sweet & Spicy Fish Tacos

Sweet & Spicy Fish Tacos


I’m one of those people that could eat seafood every day, it doesn’t matter whether it’s fish, shrimp, sushi, crab, or calamari–I’m not picky in that department. It’s one of the many reasons why I’m super excited to be going on a trip to Seattle in a few short weeks. I will be documenting my seafood pics like you would expect any instagram happy food blogger to be.


I’m always surprised when I hear someone say they hate all seafood. While I completely understand some people not liking canned tuna or other “fishy” types of seafood, there are several extremely mild tasting options like tilapia or cod that should be given a fair chance on the palate. The beauty of a fish taco is that all the great tasting flavors of the slaw and sauce are a complement to the fish, so you never feel like the fish taste is overpowering the meal. Plus, this is one of the simplest fish taco recipes you’ll find; I made sure it fit my #HealthyInUnder30 criteria. So you won’t be in the kitchen for very long before you are enjoying these flavorful tacos.


This sweet and spicy fish taco recipe is so speedy because it uses pre-cut broccoli slaw, which you can buy in the fresh produce section of the grocery next to the salad mixes. I also used canned diced pineapple to save time, but feel free to use fresh if you have the time to cut it (nothing beats fresh pineapple)! The only time you need your knife is to cut a lime into wedges, and possibly again if you want to top your tacos with diced avocado.



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