Guilt-Free Ice Cream: The Elvis

Even the King himself would love this guilt-free peanut butter and banana ice cream, and rumor has it he loved butter in all forms:  peanut butter, foods fried in butter, and even peanut butter sandwiches fried in butter (I think my arteries got a little clogged just typing that sentence).


If you haven’t seen a banana ice cream recipe floating around on the internet, then look no further: this will be your newest go-to dessert. When frozen bananas are blended, what results is a substance that remarkably has the look and texture of ice cream without the added saturated fat of regular ice cream. The combination possibilities are endless–chocolate chip, cinnamon, pumpkin–and I always keep peeled bananas stocked in the freezer, ready to be used in smoothies, so whipping up some ice cream requires no prep time!



{Guilt-Free Ice Cream: The Elvis}

I chose to use powdered peanut butter, PB2, to get that classic peanut butter taste without the extra calories of the regular version, but feel free to use regular PB if you so desire; it’s full of good-for-you fats. And nothing goes better with peanut butter and banana than chocolate.


Adapted from: theKitchn, How to Make Creamy Ice Cream

Servings: 3 (1/2 cup each)



2 large frozen bananas

2 Tbsp PB2

1 Tbsp cocoa

1 Tbsp skim milk (or non-dairy milk of choice)



1. Combine all ingredients in a food process or blender.

2. Blend until smooth, and scrape the sides as needed to fully incorporate mixture.

3. Serve immediately for a soft serve consistency, or freeze longer for a scoop-able ice cream.


Nutrition info per serving: 100 calories, 1 g fat, 3 g protein, 24 g carbohydrate



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