Egg & Pepper Stuffed Pitas

egg & veggie pitas


I’ve hit a gardening milestone! These #HealthyInUnder30 egg and pepper stuffed pitas are the first meal I’ve made where ALL the vegetables came from my garden. I thought the fresh veggies tasted extra flavorful, but it is possible my brain was trying to justify all the mosquito bites I got watering my garden every day (nothing says sexy legs like multiple bug-bites).


Filling half a whole wheat pita with eggs and veggies is a super easy dinner or breakfast meal. I actually ate one before I started this blog post! There’s something convenient about not having to use a fork with your meal. As an added bonus, this dish is super customizable; you can use whatever veggies you want! I went with an assortment of chopped peppers and a tomato from my garden, then topped it all with some shredded mozzarella. But I’ve also made it with shredded carrots, jalapeno, spinach, and a little cream cheese spread inside the pita –delicious! If I’m really trying to save time I’ll make scrambled eggs in the microwave and use raw vegetables. So pick your favorite way to make scrambled eggs and your veggie combo of choice, and you’ll have a healthy meal ready in no time!



Chicken Pesto Zucchini Boats

Chicken Pesto Zucchini Boats


There are only four ingredients in this recipe, and when those ingredients combine they make a simply amazing and easy dinner dish. And of course it meets the #HealthyInUnder30 criteria of taking almost exactly 30 minutes to make (maybe less if you are faster than me at spooning out zucchini seeds…I managed to fling some on the floor). I pretty much always think I’m a master chef (not really), but I know I pulled off a great meal when my husband is a fan of food served inside a vegetable. If he didn’t notice the absence of grain or bread, then you won’t either!


I normally make my own pesto, as I’ve yet to figure out much else to do with the massive amount of basil my one plant produces every summer. However, since speed was of essence for a meal in under 30 minutes, I went for the store-bought pesto. A can of plain diced tomatoes extends the filling for the zucchinis, and adds in an extra veggie. This meal also saves time by using rotisserie chicken; you of course can use any chicken you have pre-cooked!




Black Bean and Quinoa Burritos with Spicy Cilantro-Lime Dressing

black bean and quinoa burritos 2


I know it’s July 4th, and a burrito recipe for my #HealthyInUnder30 series doesn’t exactly scream patriotic or festive. But I’m positive there are a plethora of bacon and cheese stuffed burger and quadruple chocolate brownie recipes to be found already. To be different, I thought I’d provide you with a recipe for tomorrow’s post-holiday meal. Plus, I hear quinoa cures hangovers by absorbing excess alcohol (okay I made that up–I would hate to spread more food lies on the internet).


Quinoa really does absorb flavor well–like the spicy cilantro-lime dressing used in this burrito recipe. The quinoa and black bean combo makes a perfect meat replacement filling, which as an added bonus saves time and money. Simply toss in a chopped red pepper and tomatoes, then top with diced avocado and Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and you have the perfect flavorful burrito filling fit for any non-hydrogenated, non-white tortilla (always check the label to make sure your whole grain tortilla is really healthy).


You could also omit the tortilla and just eat the filling in a bowl–I added some grilled chicken to the leftovers for a higher protein lunch!


Lemon Sage Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

lemon sage chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans 001



I know I missed a weekly post in the #HealthyInUnder30 series, but I’ll make up for it with two super quick meals this week! I spent this past week roughing it in the middle of the woods in Missouri helping out at an amazing church camp. There was no air conditioning, internet, or television, but it was great to get away from every day life and hang out in nature. Plus, I didn’t have to cook for the entire week. As much as I love cooking, it’s nice when other people do it for you! I had three home-cooked meals a day, and while the food was delicious, it was also heavier than my usual fare. There were a lot more brown-colored foods, and far less green foods than I normally eat. So now that I’m back home and cooking for myself again, I chose to ease back into my normal eating habits with something simple and light.


This lemon sage chicken is cooked with sweet potatoes and green beans. It’s super fresh tasting and only requires 15 minutes of prep time; the crockpot will take care of all the cooking. You simply have to slice some sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes if you aren’t a fan of the sweet variety), and snap the stems off some green beans–that’s it. This is a great meal to make on the weekends because you can throw all your ingredients into the crockpot after lunch and have dinner ready about 6 hours later.


The slow cooking really helps bring together the lemon and sage flavors with the chicken and veggies. I was able to use fresh green beans from a co-workers garden, which were so delicious that I made a sweeping declaration to never eat frozen green beans again; they are that much better. Fresh green beans keep a nice crunch when cooked, and don’t get mushy and fall apart like frozen ones!



Chicken Quinoa Caprese with Extra Veggies!


Chicken Quinoa Caprese


For my second #HealthyInUnder30 meal I decided to make an adaption of the classic summer caprese pasta. Instead of using wheat pasta noodles I opted for quinoa because of it’s great nutty flavor, plus it holds up well in the fridge for multiple days if you end up with leftovers. It’s a recipe that you can eat hot or cold, so if you don’t feel like reheating your leftovers the next day, then simply eat them straight out of the fridge! In following with the hashtag requirement, this meal is super healthy and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. If you already have your chicken or quinoa cooked then you could cut the meal prep time in half! I used my George Foreman grill to make the chicken, and this fluffy quinoa recipe for my grain. To use my time efficiently I chopped vegetables while my quinoa cooked, and tossed the chicken on the grill as the quinoa finished up.


You definitely won’t have any problem reaching the goal of making half your plate veggies with this meal either. In addition to the tomatoes traditionally used in caprese pasta I also added avocado, green pepper, and cucumber. I think the pepper and cucumber add a nice crunch!